Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day - A delicious Holiday!

We had a meeting at our house last night and we enjoyed Reuben Sandwiches, Oven Roasted Potatoes and Guinness Cake in honor of St. Patrick.

I have enjoyed Reuben Sandwiches on many occasions, but last night was the first time that I actually made them myself and my efforts turned out a success. Just ask our guests from last night...unless they were just being polite?!?

I would like to say that I had made the bread as well, but it just is not true. Instead I defaulted to Johnston's Bakery in Sheboygan. They make quite a large variety of rye breads...Black Russian, Jewish Rye, Berlin Rye...and more that I can not recall. I did bake Black Russian Rye bread on Monday, hoping to use it for the Reubens, but it just did not turn out well enough for sandwiches. It was delicious in flavor, but dense and flatter than I had hoped. This often happens to me when I try a new bread recipe for the first time as well as having a full house of visiting brothers and a crying babe. So, it was not the was me. So, I am thankful for a local bakery full of delicious breads.

Reuben Sandwich Recipe
Rye Bread - We used a Jewish Rye with Caraway Seeds and Dark Russian Rye from Johnston's Bakery in Sheboygan
Butter (for buttering the bread)
Corned Beef, shaved
Swiss Cheese, sliced
Sour kraut
Thousand Island Dressing (dressing recipe from

1.  Mix 1 to 2 Tb of Thousand Island Dressing with 4 cups sour kraut.
2.  Lightly butter one side of each slice of bread.
3.  Assemble the sandwiches with amounts of each ingredient to your liking. Follow this general order: Bread, sour kraut/ dressing, corned beef, swiss cheese, bread.
4.  Grill on the stove (like grilled cheese) till the bread is toasted, sour kraut is warmed and the cheese is melted.

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