Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moby Wrap...don't leave home without it!

The Moby Wrap  truly has been one of those, "don't leave home without it," additions to our baby gear. The Moby seems complicated at first, since it is a 6 foot chunk of knit fabric. However, the Moby Wrap has one basic way to wear the wrap, then there are many different ways to position your babe inside the wrap. Once you get the basic tie down, the wrap can basically be tied on in your sleep. (And since "sleep deprivation" best describes the first couple months of parenthood, it is good to be able to do things in your sleep.)

I'm so cozy...I think I'll pick my nose.
I love that the Moby Wrap creates a soft, cozy, warm and secure place to carry your infant. Ezra has taken many naps out-and-about in the Moby whether we were at church, grocery store, a friend's house, coffee shop or just out for a walk. Inside the Moby, your babe is close to you and protected from the outside world...and mostly protected from the intrusive strangers at the grocery store that want to kiss your baby. We used the Moby with our son from birth to about 4 months regularly. Now that Ezra is 8 months old we mostly use the Ergo Carrier, but the Moby does still work well up to 35 pounds.

The Moby Wrap rolls or folds up to easily fit into your diaper bag. I like that this wrap is very easy for on-the-go parents. In our current apartment a stroller needs to be stored in the basement, so anytime we would want to use it, it first needs to be hauled up the stairs. I would much rather tie on the Moby than battle a stroller up the stairs while also caring for my little one. A Moby is also for all terrain walking...there is no way a stroller can hike through the woods, stroll on the sandy shore or roll over snow mounds. I can only think of a few instances where a baby carrier would not be the ideal mode of transportation for my baby.

Various Moby Wrap Positions

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