Monday, March 7, 2011

Not A Box...Another one for your bookshelf

Not a Box, by Antoinette Portis is a fascinating children's book. 

This book encourages creative thinking and imaginative play. It quite literally challenges children and parents to "think outside the box."

Throughout this book, the narrator continues to ask the bunny why he is sitting in the box or looking at the box...or like the picture above "Are you still standing around in that box?"

Then in response to the narrator, the bunny answers time and time again, that it is "not a box." The pictures in the book show what object or objects the bunny is imagining the box to be each time.
In the picture above, the bunny says, "It's NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT a box!" But, rather he is pretending that the box is four very different modes of transportation that he is travelling in through his day dreams and enjoying tremendously.

God has given us and our children such tremendous imaginations. Chances are that when our little ones see a plain old brown box that in fact their minds are already picturing many other adventurous things. But, simple books like, Not a Box, may help us as parents to remember to be playful and encourage the God given creativity that our children already possess. 

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