Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zola's Granola

*Recipe from Zola

9 C rolled oats
1 C. unsweetened coconut
½ C. sunflower seeds or pumpkin (unsalted)
1 C. chopped nuts
2 ripe bananas
½ C. pitted dates (generous)
2 tsp. vanilla
½ C. water
1 tsp. salt


Combine oats, coconut, sunflower seeds, and nuts. Blend or Food Process the remaining ingredients together. Mix all ingredients well. Spread on cookie sheets 1/” thick. Bake at 250-300 degrees F. for 90 minutes stirring every 30 minutes until lightly browned. (Or place pans of granola in oven on lowest setting and leave overnight. I set at 190 degrees F. In the morning the granola is perfect with no stirring needed.) Store granola in airtight container.

Yields 10 servings.


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