Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fermented Tomatillos

6-8 tomatillos (enough to fill a mason jar 3/4 full when chopped)
1 cup filtered water
1 T salt

Mash one tomatillo with a vegetable stomper/pounder or potato masher.
Dice the remaining tomatillos and put in a clean mason jar. Dissolve salt into water and stir together with mashed tomatillo. Pour the liquid over the diced tomatillos. Add more filtered water if needed to cover vegetables. Allow to ferment in a sealed jar for 3 to 5 days. I started with 4 days and liked the results.

*Length of fermenting depends on the temperature of the room. You may need longer in a cool room. If your jar is not bubbly or your veggies still taste salty then you need more time.

Use your tomatillos to make Fresh and Fermented Salsa or just eat them plain. They are delicious and an excellent probiotic!

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