Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Black Bean and Avocado Salsa

(These are approximate amounts...the recipe is still good if you have more/less of an ingredient)

1-2 Avocados, chopped
1 can shoepeg or sweet corn, drained (16 or 14 oz)
1 (16 oz) can or 1 1/2 cups cooked black beans
1 bunch of fresh cilantro, chopped (about 1 cup)
1 medium red onion, finely chopped
1/2 bell pepper (red and/or green) chopped
3 green onions, chopped (optional)
2-3 Tb olive oil
1 Tb red wine vinegar
1 tsp sugar (optional)
1/2 tsp salt

Whisk together: oil, red wine vinegar, sugar and salt. Mix all other ingredients together in a large bowl. Pour dressing over and stir together. 

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