Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Favorite Easter Traditions?

I am always looking for new celebration ideas and traditions to begin with my family. Now that we have just passed Easter, what is your favorite new or old family tradition to celebrate the holiday? If you have children, what is your favorite method/tradition of teaching your little ones about Jesus' death and resurrection?

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  1. Well, we've decided to do several things. That week we are going to focus on doing some sort of service project. We also started having a Christianized Seder--it follows the traditional Seder but we also celebrate Christ's fulfillment. We are also thinking about next year using Easter day to celebrate our rebirth's (recount the years we've accepted Christ as our Lord) with cupcakes (each person has the # of years they had been a Christian on top), ice cream, party games, and all.

    Our deal for doing all this is that Easter should be a really big holiday and we wanted it to take a whole week to celebrate.