Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best Mama Advice Around

Everyone has advice to give, of all the "New Mama Advice" I have received here are the true Golden Nuggets of Wisdom!

Each One is Unique
Remember that all babies are different and every Mom's experience is different. So, prayerfully consider each word of advice you receive because it may or may not be what is right for your babe in your current circumstance. It is up to you and your spouse to determine how God leads you to raise your babes.

Be Careful What You Read
There is a book for everything and almost anyone and everyone could and has written a book on every imaginable issue of parenting. Books are helpful, but really only as generalities and guidelines that worked for the author of the given book. Trying to following the suggestions of a book may bring more stress, tears and worry than simply learning your own children and following how God leads you to raise them.

Cherish Each Moment
Babes are only babes for a moment. Remember to cherish each sleepless night and napless day because soon you will long for the days when your biggest problems were poop stains and a cranky babe.

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