Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ergo...the right choice for today

Baby carrying....I love it! Cheap socks...I love them too!

Today Ezra and I braved the Wigwam Factory Sale here in home-sweet-home Sheboygan, WI. Imagine one long narrow hall, lined with cardboard boxes on either side full of "slightly imperfect" Wigwam socks. Then add swarms of people digging through the socks and filling their bags. This mama knew the Wigwam Sale was no place for a stroller or even an infant seat. I also decided the moby wrap just wouldn't work with Ezra in his winter snuggly....too tight...we needed a little more space to work with. The situation clearly called for a compact, hands-free, baby friendly way to carry Ezra. The Ergo worked beautifully. Ezra sat happily right up against me...his favorite place...and I was able to freely dig through boxes of socks with two hands! Yay for the Ergo! Yay for the monthly Wigwam Factory Sale!


  1. I love my ergo, too. We rarely have an opportunity to use a stroller here, so the ergo is great. It keeps her secure on the motorbike, too!

  2. Melissa...that is AWESOME that you use the Ergo on the motorbike! Miss you guys!